Stimulation of the pulmonary circulation and expansion

Strengthening the brain functions

Stimulation of the regeneration processes

Enhancing the activity of the respiratory system

Antimicrobial effect

Strengthens the body's immune system

20.9% oxigen and up to 160 breaths

Stimulates cognitive function

Easy to use due to an innovative 2 in 1 built in cap and mask for precision delivery

Speeds up recovery after effort

Inhaling Elite Air does not come with any side effects, because it has just the pefect amount of oxygen

Speeds up recovery after effort

Strengthens the body’s immune system

Antagonize the mental and physical stress

Stimulates cognitive function

Helps with allergies


Our mission is to provide innovation and inspiration for professional athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts on their quest to become the best possible version of themselves, by creating a high quality product, that helps them boost their physical and mental performance and facilitates a faster recovery.