ELITE AIR boosted performance for Karlis Lasmanis during Olympic games

The increased performance allowed Karlis Lasmanis to become the Olympic hero and gold medal winner in Tokyo.

Gold medal winner Karlis Lasmanis took charge of the 2020 Summer Olympic stage by leading scorers in the men’s 3 x 3 basketball competitions in Tokyo. Karlis Lasmanis won gold for Latvia by scoring 76 points in 10 games, being also the top scorer of the event. He managed to take control of the game in critical moments, having also scored 9 points in Latvia’s win over Belgium in the semi-finals. His performance impressed everyone present with energy, force, and vitality.

Being the product’s co – owner and ambassador, Karlis Lasmanis used ELITE AIR Performance Boost to gain physical resistance, increase his endurance, and speed up recovery after prolonged effort.

How to boost your performance with ELITE AIR?

While exercising, the demand for oxygen increases as the muscles are subject to a greater effort. When the body runs out of oxygen, the muscles start converting glucose into lactic acid instead of energy, anaerobic exercise takes over and fatigue sets in resulting in poor performance. ELITE AIR is a game-changer as it contributes to better relaxation, physical and mental recovery.

ELITE AIR boosts performance using the purest air from the virgin forests of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania. It is developed with athletes to improve results and reduce physical stress.

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