1 boost (poof) = 6 normal breathes = > clear mind and increased physical performance

ELITE AIR Performance Boost is developed in collaboration with professional athletes to better meet their performance needs during trainings and competitions.

ELITE AIR comes in a recyclable packaging, easy to use due to an innovative 2 in 1 built in cap and mask for precision delivery. Our cans are built from high-quality materials to ensure a safe and revitalizing experience with every breath of air you take.

The high microbiological purity of the air -> (collected from a perfectly balanced bio climate as the virgin forests in the Carpathian Mountains) contributes to better relaxation, faster physical and mental recovery and, it can be used anytime, even during a game’s timeout, thanks to its portability.

It does not have any side effects as it contains the right amount of oxygen (20,9%) and it allows up to 160 breathes.

ELITE AIR Performance Boost can be safely used by amateur or professional athletes as it is compliant with World Anti-Doping Agency and triple ISO Certified.