Elite Air – Performance Boost


    ELITE AIR Performance Boost is developed with and for professional athletes with 100% pure air from the virgin forests of the Carpathian Mountains (Transylvania).

    ELITE AIR will boost physical and mental performance, increase endurance, and facilitate a faster recovery. Athletes can avoid muscle fatigue and fuel their body with a boost of pure air (1 boost = 6 normal breathes = > clear mind and more energy).

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    Stimulation of the pulmonary circulation and expansion

    Strengthening the brain functions

    Stimulation of the regeneration processes

    Enhancing the activity of the respiratory system

    Antimicrobial effect

    Strengthens the body's immune system

    20.9% oxigen and up to 160 breaths

    Stimulates cognitive function

    Easy to use due to an innovative 2 in 1 built in cap and mask for precision delivery

    Speeds up recovery after effort

    Inhaling Elite Air does not come with any side effects, because it has just the pefect amount of oxygen

    Speeds up recovery after effort

    Strengthens the body’s immune system

    Antagonize the mental and physical stress

    Stimulates cognitive function

    Helps with allergies

    2 reviews for Elite Air – Performance Boost

    1. 5 out of 5

      Rolands Freimanis

      I’m professional basketball player so I will tell the truth.
      This stuff is next generation.
      And it’s really helps you to recover faster during the practice and increases your durability.
      Faster you recover better results you can have .
      So don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to the next level .

    2. 5 out of 5


      I just started using. First impresion : feels reconforting. I M not a specialist and can only supose the long term benefits.

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    Elite Air – Performance Boost