Inhaling ELITE AIR means breathing all the freshness of the virgin forests of the Carpathian Mountains, where crystal clear rivers and medicinal plants improve the quality of air, creating a pure atmosphere, rich in negative ions, aerosols, with a high microbiological purity.

  • It does not have any side effects as it contains the right amount of oxygen (20,9%) and it allows up to 160 breathes.
  • ELITE AIR comes in a recyclable packaging easy to use due to an innovative 2 in 1 built in cap and mask for precision delivery.
  • It can be utilized at the gym, during training, at home, or in any other situation when you require a boost of energy.
  • It will improve the relaxation; the physical and mental recovery and it can be used anytime and anywhere thanks to its portability and light weight. Performing recovery with our pure air helps prevent athlete asthma.
  • ELITE AIR Performance Boost can be safely used by amateur or professional athletes as it is compliant with World Anti-Doping Agency and triple ISO Certified.